Winner 2013 Superpages Basscoast Business Excellence Award – The Island Accommodation!

Friday, August 30th

Award Winning Accommodation on Phillip Island adds 2013 Super Pages Bass Coast Awards to its achievements

The Island Accommodation is the proud recipient of the Business Excellence Award (up to 5 employees) at the recent 2013 Super Pages Bass Coast Business Awards.  The award recognises the steps The Island Accommodation has undertaken to improve the quality of their products and services and investigates what drives the business to succeed.

Larson Henderson, owner of the business, is proud of his small but dedicated team.  “We can accommodate over 120 people in a single night.  The team has bought into the ‘Island Accommodation’ way of doing things, which means our guests have an experience that is always first rate.”

The team consists of just three permanent workers, Larson, Renee and Jaimee.  They are constantly looking for new ways to improve the experience of guests and are focussed on showcasing Phillip Island as a premier Victorian tourism destination. 

They are passionate about their Island, their venue and the virtues of the region.  They are trained to be open and welcoming regardless of if they are on reception at arrival or cleaning the bathrooms during the day.  The Island Accommodation knows that without the team working as ambassadors, the holiday experience would be a lot poorer for guests.  This is why they invest time in training and developing new ways of maintaining high standards.

They have developed extensive systems to ensure nothing is left to chance.  From bookings to cleaning to maintenance and beyond, there is a written and documented procedure to follow that gives the best result for both the guest and the business.  Much of this work is unnoticed by guests, such is the seamless way it is incorporated into daily tasks.

Planning is essential to achieving the best experience for guests.  Time is spent working on the business as well as in the business with external resources utilised where necessary.  This includes a book keeper, Elaine, for monthly tasks and a business management consultant, Michael, for strategy and system development. 

The Island Accommodation has recently become part of the Youth Hostel Association (YHA). Since partnering with the YHA at the start of 2013 the business has had even more advice and resources available, and made extensive use of these to improve their operations.  Combined with their accreditations from TQUAL and Camps Australia, The Island Accommodation has recognised and proven systems to manage all guests to the highest standards in the industry.

The Super pages Bass Coast Business Awards are an annual event where the best local businesses are recognised in a variety of categories and judged by both an expert panel and by the general public.  The Business Excellence Award, as judged by the panel, is recognition of the hard work put in by Larson and his team over the past three years.

Larson sums up the teams motivation for continuous improvement.  “This award is another great way for us to confirm our direction as we strive to provide the best accommodation experience on Phillip Island.” 

To discover the most environmentally friendly, funky and attentive venue on Phillip Island book a night at The Island Accommodation.  We’re confident that you will want to extend your stay. 

Bookings can be made by visiting our website or phoning the business direct on 03 5956 6123.

For further information please contact

Larson Henderson

The Island Accommodation

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