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1st February 2010

Conditions and terms of use.

The website www.theislandaccommodation.com.au (the Site) is owned and operated by The Island Accommodation Pty Ltd. The terms and conditions under that you may use the Site and all bookings are attached below. Using the Site constitutes your agreement and acknowledgement with all of the terms and conditions affixed.

Generally terms and conditions

  • Check In 2pm and Check Out 10am Sharp
  • Prices quoted are Australian Dollars Only

    Please note that prices are subject to change
  • All bed linen included. (No bath towels)
  • Guest towel hire additional and available at reception
  • Card Transactions incur a two percent (2%) surcharge
  • 1. Content of the Site:
    • (1.1) The Island Accommodation will endeavour to keep the content of the Site up to date. Nevertheless, The Island Accommodation does not warrant the currency or accuracy;
    • (1.2) From time to time the rates displayed on the Site should be used as a guide;
    • (1.3) The content on the Site is subject to change at any time;
    • (1.4) All of the rates quoted on the Site are expressed in $AUD the local currency of the accommodation. The prices are inclusive of (GST) Goods and Services Tax. From time to time the price may change as a result of a levy, surcharge or tax that might be imposed by federal agencies, state or any other body.
  • 2. Validity of vouchers
    • Six (6) months from the date of purchase will be the expiry date of all vouchers.
  • 3. Accommodation – Payment and Bookings

    The Island Accommodation has no obligation to provide accommodation to you until:
    • (3.1) you supply a valid email address and all required information on the online application from the Site;
    • (3.2) you supply us for the payment for the whole period of your required stay with a valid credit card number. At the time of processing the booking The Island Accommodation will charge an additional booking fee of Two percent (2%) for the total accommodation cost for card surcharges.


      If in the event your payment is by way of voucher, a valid voucher number must be provided. At the time of processing the booking The Island Accommodation will charge an additional booking fee of Two percent (2%) for the total accommodation cost or component not covered by the voucher (if any) and to administer any cancellations that could occur;

    • (3.3) The successful process of your payment for each booking;
    • (3.4) The Island Accommodation acknowledges the acceptance of your booking via a confirmation email;
    • (3.5) The Island Accommodation may provide the payment details to a third party. The said details are to be used solely for the purpose of processing your payment. You must agree to terms and conditions of any/all of the third party payment processors and agree to full set of terms and conditions before your payment and booking will be accepted;
    • (3.6) Upon the agreed payment, processing and acknowledgement of the terms and conditions will be binding upon you.
  • 4. Cancellations
    • (4.1) All cancellations must be in writing and emailed to info@theislandaccommodation.com.au;
    • (4.2)For the notice of cancellation to be valid it must include the following:- The name of the accommodation being “The Island Accommodation”, guest names, reservation name, contact numbers, email addresses as they appear on the confirmation booking;
    • (4.3) All cancellations that are made within 48hrs will be charged one (1) night cancellation fee. After that the remainder will be refunded less the two percent (2%) booking fee surcharge which is non-refundable;
    • (4.4) All no shows will be charged one (1) night cancellation fee. After that the remainder will be refunded less the two percent (2%) booking fee surcharge which is non-refundable;
    • (4.5) All cancellations that are made within 48-72hrs will be charged a fee equal to ten percent (10%) of the total value of all nights booked. After that the remainder will be refunded less the two percent (2%) booking fee surcharge which is non-refundable
    • (4.6)All cancellations made during the stay will be charged one (1) night cancellation fee, plus a fee equal to ten percent (10%) of the total value of all nights booked. After that the remainder will be refunded less the two percent (2%) booking fee surcharge which is non-refundable;
    • (4.7)All refunds will be processed within 14days from the notice of cancellation being emailed in the prescribed form as per condition 4.2 and the refund and said charges will be processed using the credit card via money direct that you used to make the booking.
  • 5. Special Events Booking Conditions and Cancellation Policy
    • (5.1)All reservations made for stays over Special Event Periods will be subject to the Special Events Cancellation Policy.

      Special Event Periods include, but are not limited to Christmas, New Year, Phillip Island Moto GP, V8 Supercars and World Superbikes events.
    • (5.2)Guests will be informed that the period they have requested is a Special Event Period and that the Special Events Cancellation Policy applies at the time of reservation.
    • (5.3)All reservations may require a minimum 50% deposit at the time of booking.
    • (5.4)The full balance of the reservation is required not less than 14 days before the commencement of the booking or the booking maybe be automatically cancelled.
    • (5.5)If a reservation is cancelled, automatically or by the guest, the deposit will be refunded if the property is rebooked for the same dates at the same or greater tariff or at the discretion of the operator.
    • (5.6)A $50 administration fee will be retained by The Island Accommodation or the standard cancellation process and costs associated in condition 4 Cancellations. The Island Accommodation to use its discretion.
  • 6. Alterations and Changes
    • All reasonable efforts will be made to accommodate your alteration and changes. Nevertheless The Island Accommodation has no obligations or will guarantee that you booking will be changed. This extends to check-in/out, the configuration of room. All alteration and changes must be made direct with The Island Accommodation. All contact details are on the Site.
  • 7. Paid Advertising
    • (7.1) From time to time The Island Accommodation and the Site will engage in paid marketing and advertising. As a result The Island Accommodation and the Site may receive a benefit/s or payment in return. It may extend to editorials, sponsorship, endorsement and promotions.
    • (7.2) Liability and responsibility is left solely with the advestiser/s. The advertiser/s content that appears on the Site and any hyperlinks to advertiser/s web sites and the appointment of such advertisements does not represent an endorsement, recommendation or approval from The Island Accommodation. All the products and services advertised are the sole responsibility for the advertiser/s.
    • (7.3) All personal dealings and communication including you’re partaking or involvement in advertisement or promotions on the Site are solely between you and all advertiser/s. Any damages or loss is not the responsibility of The Island Accommodation.
  • 8. Adverts’ extending to Plug Ins, Downloads and Links
    • (8.1) The use of the Plug Ins, Downloads, Advertisements and Links linked to the Site are to be used at your own risk. The Island Accommodation will not accept any accountability and legal responsibility for all claims arising room the use of these links or of the descriptions or information supplied by them. The Island Accommodation or the site does not endorse or guarantee the correctness, matter or substance of any site linked on or off the site.
  • 9. Copyright and Intellectual Property
    • The Island Accommodation owns or licences the Copyright in this web site. It includes all text, logos, software and all graphic communications. Copyright Act 1968 (Australia) or similar legislation that applies in your locality.
  • 10. Attraction Tickets

    Additional clauses for the Penguin Parade

    • (10.1)Tickets are not transferable without written authority. Unless specified, tickets are valid for the booking date only;
    • (10.2)Tickets cannot be exchanged or returned after purchase, unless authorised by the operator of the attraction. No refunds due to adverse weather conditions, unless authorised by the operator of the attraction;
    • (10.3)The management of the attraction reserves the right to a) Refuse admission to the attraction and b) Request any ticket holder to leave the attraction and/or take appropriate action to enforce the attractions regulations;
    • (10.4)The Island Accommodation makes no guarantees or representations of any attraction it sells tickets for;
    • (10.5)Conditions of entry displayed at each attraction forms part of the conditions of sale of tickets;
    • (10.6)The owners, operators and managers of the attractions, premises and The Island Accommodation shall not be liable for any injury or damage to any property from any cause whatsoever (including the negligence of staff);
    • (10.7)It is a condition of entry that all children under 15 years shall be accompanied by an adult who shall be solely responsible for their conduct and safety while on the attraction premises.
    • (10.8)No still or video photography or alcohol is allowed outside the Penguin Parade Visitor Centre;
    • (10.9)Photographs, movies or videos taken other than at the Penguin Parade (where photography of any kind is prohibited) by visitors are for personal use and enjoyment. Any re-use or reproduction for commercial purposes without the express written consent of the attractions management is strictly prohibited and contravenes copyright laws;
    • (10.10)Ticket holders for the Penguin Parade will be admitted until 45 minutes after the commencement of the penguin parade after which admission may be refused without a refund.
  • 11. Liability Disclaimer
    • (11.1) The Island Accommodation does not accept any liability or responsibility for any loss or damage from the use, services, reliance, and information verbal or written, goods, products which you might suffer directly or indirectly endure as a consequence from the use of the site or any linked website. Including through negligence.
    • (11.2) The Island Accommodation, limits its liability to the extent permitted by law for any damage or loss that might be endured from the link or association of your purchase or product and service provided including the Site.
      • (a) Goods: pay the cost to have the goods repaired or replaced or repair or replace the goods.
      • (b) Services: pay the cost to supply the service or resupply the said service:
    • (11.3) The Island Accommodation shall only act as the agent for tour companies, attraction companies, related services, travel products, services, goods and information (the Provider). Whilst The Island Accommodation endeavours to ensure that the Providers value and representation of the products, goods and services depicted in the material provided (including pictures, photographs and descriptions from advertisements, brochures and online marketing), The Island Accommodation does not endorse, warranty, or guarantee that each and every feature, characteristic or element is represent and provided be any Provider.
    • (11.4) The token, tax invoice, ticket, receipt, written agreement and exchange orders (Travel Docs) issued by the Providers are subject to the full set of conditions and terms set from the Providers and all relevant surcharges from the goods or services. The acceptance of these Travel Docs is confirmation of your approval to the conditions.